Why we’re doing it…

It’s the year 2019. Business competition is at an all-time high and search results are becoming an overcrowded space.

Web design agencies are asking for your house deposit in return for a “pretty” website. DIY website builders look good on their covers, but the finished product simply cannot pass as a professional website. Not even by your clients’ lowest standards.

Whether you go for the cheap website builder you saw on TV, or a AU$10.000 web design agency project, you will still have to worry about your domain, hosting, SEO, backlinks, email server reputation, TLS certificates and more. But what the hell even are they?!

The truth is, you’ve started your business or organisation because you’re good at what you do. You’re not meant to be good at web design, firefighting or flying a plane. Nor should you remortgage your house, or go for the low-quality website route.

NOVA WEB was founded on the core belief that professional, mobile friendly and secure websites should be accessible to every business or organisation; independent of their funding, size or location.

Our transparent and headache-free process, combined with low monthly payments are a gateway for thousands of businesses to an improved digital presence.